Import existing CAD data and use SolidFace to collaborate with a vendor.   Import existing CAD data and using standard X_T®, X_B®, DWG®, DXF®, BMP and much more!

100% compatibility with all major CAD software.

SolidFace has been an incredible help in keeping track of projects and increasing our team productivity  - Kevin King

Start your work simultaneously in the same 3D model or assembly. Keep track of everything!

A simple straightforward process, in just three easy steps you are on your way to collaborate with anyone in anywhere.


Share your Key

Start a Collaboration

The Collaboration Process


Click 'Start a collaboration' to begin instantly. Even free users can join your instance.

Every collaborative instance has a unique key. Easily share it using email, chat or social media.


That's it!

Share your CAD system, not your CAD files. 

Everyone is always on the same version of CAD. Share a SolidFace model with a vendor or customer and they can instantly and freely view it.

SolidFace Sketch automatically creates a parametric reference for modeling features that can be edited in a very simple and interactive way. This is an in-house developed module and fully integrated with the 3D module.

Our assembly module is easy, accurate and effective, enabling you to build assemblies using modeled parts and sub-assemblies. 

The automatic link between the modules facilitates the manipulation of assembly parts, thus any editing on a part or assembly results in an automatic change in the assembly that references this component

Our drawing, part, and assembly modules are 100% integrated.


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